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There are many in the remodeling and construction industry touting that they are dedicated to excellence, but few who can prove it. Cal State Construction, a strong family operated home improvement company has not only 65 years of collective industry experience but also a letter of satisfaction from every customer they have served – hundreds just this year.

Mr. Anthony Lopez, Co-Founder & CEO

Mr. Anthony Lopez, founder and CEO of Cal State Construction, was first introduced to the home improvement industry while working for Sears Roebeck Company, Inc. starting in the early 80s. Mr. Lopez was nationally recognized many times for his excellence in sales while at Sears and it was then that he began to see the importance of doing more with his time and talents than just selling a product or service and he became dedicated to the philosophy of demonstrating quality every day and focusing on constant and never ending improvement.

MR. Louis Vilchez – Meyers Co-Founder & CFO

Mr. Louis E Vilchez – Meyers, CoFounder, CFO of Energy Home Solutions Inc dba/ Cal State Construction has over 35 years in businesses. Licensed by DRE a BS. BA. Finance and Accounting,  During his real estate  history of acquisitions and investments, in 1980  he entered the construction and development industry under the company name of V & V Villas developing condominiums and town-homes in the city of Burbank, CA.  His beliefs in community and service are extended  and it plays a big role in our mission.


Cal State Construction a dba of EnergyPro Home Solutions Inc., focuses on making each home improvement project better than the one before, as proven by our many Yelp reviews, each of our customers experience because of our dedication to  focusing on Quality Each and Every Day!

Our Mission

Cal State Construction will provide homeowners with quality home improvement solutions. To install qualified energy saving products to satisfy todays’ demands by energy conscious consumers, as those of local and state governments. Cal State Construction will stay current to bring energy compliant products to reduce long term utility and maintenance costs to create savings and improve our customers quality of life.

We are qualified to offer installations and to present to you P.A.C.E. Financing programs which offer over 150,000 products available for us to install, and can finance up to 100%. We will provide you with a free in-home estimate and walk you through one of the easy approval programs that require no FICO score needed for the home improvement.

Career Opportunities

We offer Career Opportunities in the Home Improvement Business, promoting the installation of Energy Efficient Home Products. We are busy making a difference to the communities we serve. For 35 years of experience, it is always Home Improvement Time. Our Energy Star rated products and installations are being marketed daily. We promote low maintenance, Dual Pane Windows, Exterior Cool Paint, Roofs, HVAC.

Cal State Construction is a Corporation Licensed in California as a Contractor approved by and registered with multiple preferred P.A.C.E. financing programs in the nearby counties. Contact us for a position as a Representative “independent agent” opportunity.

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