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Q. What is a home improvement salesperson?

A “home improvement salesperson” (HIS) is defined in Business and Professions Code section 7152 as a person who is employed by a licensed contractor to solicit, sell, negotiate or execute contracts under which home improvements may be performed, a swimming pool constructed, or home improvement goods or services installed or furnished.

People NOT considered home improvement salespersons only sell goods or negotiate contracts at a fixed business establishment where the goods or services are exhibited.

Q. Who must register as an HIS with CSLB?

You must register with CSLB if you solicit, sell, negotiate or execute home improvement contracts for a licensed contractor outside the contractor’s normal place of business (regardless of the dollar amount of those contracts).

Q. What are the qualifications for becoming an HIS?

You must be at least 18 years of age. (There are no experience, residency, or educational requirements.)

Q. May a home improvement salesperson work for more than one contractor?

Yes. A home improvement salesperson may work for any number of contractors and sell a variety of goods and services, but a salesperson employed by more than one contractor must register separately for each contractor. Each registration will require a separate application and registration fee. Each time a home improvement salesperson changes employment from one contractor to another, or is employed by an additional contractor, he or she must become registered as a home improvement salesperson for the new contractor. Each contractor’s license must be current, active, and in good standing.

Q. Is anyone exempt from registration requirements?

A. You may be exempt from registration requirements if you are listed as part of CSLB’s official personnel records for the contractor’s license. This includes individual contractors, partners, officers of the corporation, and responsible managing employees

Q.Will I receive a confirmation from CSLB after I apply?

A. Yes, CSLB will send you a letter of acknowledgment that will include an application receipt number. To check on the status of your application you must refer to your application receipt number. Alert symbol May I begin working as an HIS as soon as I have submittedmy registration application and fee to CSLB? No. You must wait until CSLB issues your HIS registration number. It is illegal to begin working as a home improvement salesperson before your application has been reviewed and you receive your HIS number.

Q. How long will it take to become registered?

The time required to process and issue an HIS registration number depends on CSLB’s workload and staffing levels at the time an application is submitted.


Get Fingerprinted/Live Scan – Home Improvement Salesperson (HIS) Application

This step will answer questions about how to get fingerprinted and about CSLB’s criminal background review process.

Q. Who must be fingerprinted?

A. All applicants for license and each officer, partner, owner, and responsible managing employee, as well as HIS applicants, must be fingerprinted. Individuals currently licensed by CSLB who do not apply for any changes to their license and applicants for a joint venture license are not required to be fingerprinted.

Q. How do I get fingerprinted?

A. After an application has been accepted by CSLB as complete (also known as “posted”), each individual listed on the application is sent instructions on the process for obtaining and submitting fingerprints and a “Request for Live Scan Service” (form BCII 8016). You must complete the third section (applicant information) in its entirety and take three copies of the completed form to a Live Scan station to have your fingerprints processed and submitted to DOJ and FBI. Live Scan fingerprinting services are available at most local police and sheriff departments, and any public Live Scan site. A listing of Live Scan locations is available (SEE LINK ABOVE)