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 Air Conditioning & Heating

When it comes time to replacing the older Air Conditioning and Heating systems for your home, make sure to consider selections that add comfortability and money-saving, energy-efficiency in one perfect package. We introduce American Standard as both efficient and return-on-investment to your home.
American Standard has ENERGY STAR® seal of approval! It’s dependable scroll compressor and high efficiency outdoor coil work together to keep your home comfortable.


We do not simply give you a patio, we give you a Duracool Patio, one of the finest patios around. They come in a variety of colors, accessories and details to make it your own and come with a lifetime warranty. DuraCool is a unique blend of technology and timeless design, enabling your patio cover to withstand the harshest conditions while exuding a classic visual appeal. Our solid covers provide a measurably cooler experience than standard solid covers. Thanks to our advanced technology, your previously ‘hot’ patio will be transformed into an inviting oasis.We also have quality lattice covers that give you a balanced combination of sun and shade… highlighted by a casually-elegant design. Whichever type of DuraCool cover you choose, you’re sure to appreciate your patio that much more, every time you step outside. DuraCool innovations also include our richly-embossed HD wood grain texture, which delivers the seductive appearance of wood and the weather-resistance power of aluminum. Plus, we have engineered our patio covers to include the option of attaching a fan & light fixture beam to enhance your daytime and nighttime gatherings.

Insulation R-38
Johns Manville building insulation products help lower heating and cooling bills and create more comfortable living environments year-round. For either new builds or retrofits, we have the products, resources and dedicated experts to support any home insulation project.

Tankless Water Heater

Trailblazers in the field of tankless water heaters – Noritz has been an innovator in the water heating industry for over 60 years. Noritz introduced the first modern, electronically controlled tankless water heaters in 1981 and we remain the leader in energy savings and superior hot water delivery today. Serving homeowners across the U.S. and Canada, Noritz America offers a broad range of tankless gas water heaters to meet the varying needs of its broad spectrum of customers.

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